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A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) is a service where a portfolio of investments is maintained
for you in accordance with your agreed investment objectives.

An MDA service can be established in your name or a relevant entity’s name
such as a self-managed super fund, family trust or company.

MDA Client Login

What are the benefits?

How do I join?

To access the Shartru Investment Management MDA, you must receive financial advice as required by the Australian Investments and Securities Commission (ASIC).

Who has authority to make investments on my behalf?

For your convenience, discretionary authority is given to Shartru Investment Management to conduct asset purchases and sales on your behalf, within the limits applied under a strategy that has been agreed with you previously.

This eliminates the need to constantly obtain your agreement or instructions to buy or sell, apply for or redeem investments. Of course, you may instruct us at any time regarding your MDA portfolio or particular holdings. This overrides the discretionary authority previously given to us. You may also terminate your MDA agreement.

We formally review the ongoing suitability of the MDA to your needs and objectives once every 12 months.

Can I add or withdraw funds from my MDA?

You may contribute or withdraw funds or holdings from your MDA subject to minimum portfolio value and liquidity requirements.

What is Shartru’s investment style approach?

Within the MDA, we apply a core and satellite investment across our broad market strategies?

Core Investment Strategies

Broad market strategies available through our MDA include:

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest 
  • Strategic Fixed Interest 
  • Australian Share Growth 
  • Australian Share Income 
  • International Growth 
  • International Income 

Satellite Investment Strategies

Satellite investment strategies available through our MDA include:

  • Listed Property 
  • Unlisted Property 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Australian Share Smaller Companies
  • Alternatives 
  • Special Situations 

Multi Asset Class Strategies

Plus, a range of multi asset class strategies which include:

  • Conservative 
  • Balanced 
  • Growth 

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Shartru Investment Management’s MDA service is provided by Investment Administration Services Pty Ltd, AFSL 284316


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