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Shartru Wealth launch Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA)

Shartru Wealth - Managed Discretionary Accounts IFA Magazine's Scott Hodder reports that Shartru Wealth has launched a MDA service Tuesday, 03 November 2015 Self-licensed advice firm Shartru Wealth is set to launch its own Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA) service while also looking to bolster its advice network. Speaking to [...]

All Remuneration Is Conflicted

There is no way that financial planning can be provided in a way in which the adviser’s remuneration is not conflicted. Conflicts are everywhere. Get on with it. Extra! Extra! Read all about it, all remuneration is conflicted. The adviser and the client are different people so they naturally [...]


Some clients just don’t have simple financial arrangements, be it they own multiple businesses, they have been very successful and have a range of accumulated assets from multiple properties, shares, options schemes or they just have a complex family structure.

We understand this, for advisers and clients alike. Across Shartru Wealth we have vast experience dealing with complex financial, business and estate planning matters. In order to provide advisers with a coordinated approach, we operate a Complex Advice Team. headed by Neil Stafford, who is a practising financial adviser with many years of experience dealing with high net worth clients.

The Complex Advice Team can assist you with:

  • Complex superannuation legislative matters and research
  • Payment of death benefits from SMSFs
  • Payment of anti-detriment (tax savings amounts) from SMSFs
  • Estate planning
  • Small business CGT concessions and superannuation contributions
  • Wealth transfer strategies from private companies (particularly corporate beneficiaries of family trusts)
  • Transfer of foreign pensions/super to Australia
  • Complex Centrelink matters – particularly with respect to trusts and companies


Neil has been active as an adviser since 1997 working with the Commonwealth Private Bank as the Senior Financial Planner in Melbourne and as a Financial Planning Partner at Blaze Acumen Chartered Accounts, a top-100 Australian accounting firm which was formed from the former PriceWaterhouseCoopers Private Client division. He has had considerable experience in complex superannuation matters and is highly regarded for his technical skills and knowledge and regularly consults on complex technical matters to the wider accounting industry.” And the following articles – The Pension Cap, defined benefit pensions and market linked income streams & Federal Budget 2017

The Pension Cap, defined benefit pensions and market linked income streams

We have previously considered the effect of the new pension transfer cap on account based pensions and TRISs (whilst retaining their pension categorisation, TRISs will not count against the pension transfer cap from 1 July 2017), other pensions such as defined benefit pensions and Market Linked Income Streams have [...]

Federal Budget 2017

The Federal Budget released on 9 May 2017 by the Treasurer was, in many respects, a welcome relief for both pre-and post-retiree individuals given the plethora of changes to superannuation and income streams announced in the 2016 Budget, with most of those changes to take effect from 1 July [...]



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